When Did Women Start Shaving Quick History

When did women start shaving? People maybe are wondering about this because there was a time when shaving is kind of guy thing. Men shave for making sure that they have the best appearance by removing the unwanted hair in their body especially their face. Nowadays, people can find many women who also shave although they do not shave their beard. Grooming is no longer the men thing. More and more women make grooming as part of their beauty routine. They will shave some areas in their body.

The areas which are shaved can be varied for one to another person after all. Shaving underarms can be the most common grooming session for women. That is why people can be very curious about the starting point of grooming in women. It cannot be separated from the trend after all. It is better for people to learn further about the quick history of women grooming when they have a big question about when did women start shaving.


Nowadays, people can see that women who are shaving their underarms become a very common thing. It seems like they cannot feel any confidence if they let their underarms bushy. However, people maybe do not realize that shaving underarms are not a kind of activity which is done by women since many years ago. Women did not think that they need to shave their underarms before 1915 approximately. At that time, society thought that speaking about women’s part of the body including underarm was pretty scandalous. It is just because underarms are located near to other body parts which are interesting. The situation became different when the sleeveless dress came. Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine said that for wearing the dress, the objectionable hair must be removed first. Near the early ’20s, women, especially in America, thought that hairy underarms were not stylish at all.


Underarms grooming is not the only grooming routine which can be found nowadays. Once again, the reason why women thought that they needed to shave their legs cannot be separated from the fashion style. Shorter skirts and also sheerer stockings could be found especially during the ’40s. Of course, the need for removing the objectionable hair is improving to more surfaces in the body. It means that the requirement for shaving the legs came around this time. Still asking about when did women start shaving?