What is Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D?

Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D can be the recommended option for you. This electric grooming tool will help you shaving hair perfectly. It offers you great clean system. As we know, there are two types of electric shaver. They are flat head foil shaver and rotating head shaver.

So, do you want to know more about Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D? If you want to know more about it, keep reading below! This article is going to review about Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D on detail.

The Product’s Model

First of all, let’s talk about the model of Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D. This model is similar with the available product in US. It is very different with the old razor. That’s why you need to read the product instruction before using it.

The Product Design

Talking about the design, this Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D is created with the long shaver. It has silver and black color which is completed by 3 brush heads on the top. You will also find the built- in trimmer. It is placed in the front.

How about on/ off button? It is located on the right place. It is underneath your thumb. So, you will be easier to fit your hand with the shaver. Besides that, you can also take it for travelling. It is easy to remove. As a result, you can easily to clean it perfectly. Its 3 prongs can be removed easily.

Now, let’s talk about the LCD display. Its battery will last about 60 minutes. Then, it is completed by the lock function. Well, this Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D covers its useful features. You will not find any complicated effect by using this shaver product.

Besides that, the remaining charge of this shaver battery will be always displayed for several minutes. There is the acoustic signal that chimes the battery when the battery nearly dead. Next, its trimmer really works perfectly on its neck back and sideburns. In other hand, it has well design with the lighter weight. So, you can bring it easily.

Enjoying Dry Shaver

You will need the right technique to move around the Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D on your skin. You can shave quicker than using old shaver. For your information, you will need only 3 minutes to finish shaving. So, it will be very effective solution for your trimmer. Finally, those are all about the reviews of Philips Norelco sensotouch 3D.