The Men’s Business: What Makes the Best Electric Shaver Best?

We men need to consider the fact that having the best of everything can make everything works good (including having the best electric shaver in our hands). Most women will never understand why do we need to have the best at everything. They will often diss our habit of getting an electric shaver that grips as good as any single person gripping the edge of life when valentine arrives, saying that as long as the thing cut your facial hair, it is a good thing.

Best Electric Shaver

Oh how naive the women are with their tendency to match clothing and lipstick colour.

Finding a good electric shaver should not be a thing to take lightly of. To find a good one that matches perfectly with men’s masculinity takes time, and you need careful consideration when you are choosing to get one. For some men, choosing their electric shaver takes even more time than when they are choosing their wives (or husbands. I am not a queer hater). You need to consider all the important things regarding electric shaver, and some men will never dare to mess around when it comes for them to get their electric razor.

Although not all of us like using electric razor (I have a friend that is the very definition of masculinity. He shaved his beard with a hatchet), we have to admit that electric razor is there to help us shave our beard with a higher level of efficiency. A higher level of efficiency might not be needed if you are a country man living outside of the metropolis life, but men who live in big cities, men who are desperately trying to finish their job quickly, will never pelish an opportunity to get a shaver that can work fast.

However, the art of finding the best shaver is not a common art to practice. Not each and every men understand what makes a good razor a good razor for them. While there are lots of good razors out there in the world, that does not make that certain razor a good razor for them. There are lots of things to consider when one is choosing a specific razor. You can say that those specific things are like tenets for us razor searcher to follow.

What are those tenets?

Choose a razor that makes you comfy

Comfort should never be thrown out of the window when we are talking about razors. It is one thing to have a branded razor in your arms, and it is another thing to have a comfortable razor. There is no point in getting an expensive, branded razor that is not comfortable in your hand, and that money will be better spent on a cheap, comfortable razor. Which one do you think will make shaving your facial hair easier? The famous brand with their latest generation of electric shaver or brands that are not too famous that is comfortable in your palm?

This is also the reason why some people still use conventional things to cut their facial hair, like my friend with his hatchet.

The price should be taken into consideration as well

Check your wallet and see if there is still something to behold within that thing. If you got a pile of cash waiting for you to use them, then by all means get expensive shavers because those shavers are often the best and the most comfortable to use (generally speaking, of course). On the contrary, if your purse jingle is less than jolly, you might want to get an older yet cheaper line of electric shaver on the market. There are lot of them, and if you are a real man you will not be afraid of using cheap products when the time to compare richness arrives.

Or, you can get a cheap hatchet and learn to cut your facial hair like my friend did (I will never be bored of telling you this, so get ready).

Find out what breaks the shaver

Find out what breaks the shaver

While this sounds so negative, I do believe that this is a fancier way of saying you have to know about the durability of the shaver. Getting a good shaver is a good thing, but it will not be a good thing any longer if the thing breaks with every use. It will end up costing you more on the long run.

Thankfully, if you do not want to have your supposedly best electric shaver getting the best of you, you can always use hatchets because you will only need to have a whetstone to sharpen it back to shape if it ever get blunt.

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