How to Make Slime with Shaving Cream with No Borax

How to make slime with shaving cream sounds like a great way of introducing the children to science in a fun way. We can make sure that the kids will love anything which is done in a fun way and they love slime a lot. Slime can be made at home but some parents are worry because of the ingredients used for making the slime. In some recipes, there is borax used for making slime and they do not want to see their kids making contact with dangerous ingredients like borax. There is no need to worry because they can create playful slime with shaving cream. There is no borax needed for this recipe and more importantly, using shaving cream can make the slime looks fluffy. Let’s find out further.


It is true that people can make slime with shaving cream. However, if they ask about how to make slime with shaving cream, they still need other ingredients for making the fluffy slime. People can find various uses of shaving cream for enhancing people’s appearance on, but they will find that the shaving cream can have more functions with kids as well. To make the fluffy slime, people need to prepare a cup of glue and three cups of shaving cream. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing they need because they also need about five tablespoons of contact solution and food colouring according to their liking.


After the needed ingredients are prepared, it is the time for starting the process of making fluffy slime. First of all, they have to put the glue into the bowl with large size. The food colouring can be added to the glue little by little. They just need to stop when they find the colour is suitable to their liking. The shaving cream can be added next. Once they mix them well, people will find the fluffy and very thick mixture. Contact solution will play the role of slime activator. They can add it into the mixture little by little. They must not forget to keep stirring the mixture until they get the consistency of slime. A smaller and smaller amount of contact solution should be added toward the end. It means that the slime of ready and it is the time for allowing the kids enjoying the fun time with the slime. It will be exciting to see them stretch the slime made from how to make slime with shaving cream.