Bikes for Men: the Bike Types and When You Should Ride Them

Biking is a popular activity. Whether it is for a healthy reason or just for having fun, more people, both women and men do it this time. Bikes for men come with various ideas and designs. To know which bikes for men that suitable the most for you, it is better to find out the types of bike available out there.

Types of Bikes for Men

There are many types of bikes for men out there. Knowing them all is important. Having knowledge of bikes for men types makes it possible for you to find the most suitable bikes for yourself. It is essential so you can ride your bikes comfortably. Just take a look at the following list to find out some types of bikes for men.

  1. Road bicycles

They are the type of bikes that are specially designed if you like fast bike riding on smooth pavement and less stable on an unpaved road. They are completed with smooth and skinny tires with low handlebars that suit the most for on-road riding.

2.  Mountain Bikes

Just like the name, these kinds of the bike are designed for mountain rails or the other rough off-road trails. They come with low gear range. It enables mountain bikes to pedal up the steep trails. They also have flat handlebars for better result of riding. Mountain bike is one of the bikes for men that suits for you who love the extreme sport.

3. Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the actually the combination of road and mountain bicycles so they can be ridden on both smooth and rough trails. They come with upright handlebars to give you convenient when riding them.

4.  Cruiser Bikes

They are not much different from the hybrid bikes as both are designed for casual riding. Just like the hybrid, cruiser bikes have large and padded seats for comfortable riding.

What is the Best Time to Ride Bikes for Men?

Though biking is an easy and simple sport, you can’t just do it anytime you like. You have to consider the best time for doing it so you will get maximum benefits from it. So, what is the best time to ride bikes for men? The first time of biking for men is at the lunch break. It is a great idea for busy men. After biking, you can eat your lunch to refresh your energy. The second best time to ride bikes for men is the evening spin. There are many cycling clubs to accommodate busy people. You can join them to have a healthy life and socialize with people at the same time. Another best time to use is at the weekend. It is the right time where you can have spare time for doing exercise after 5 days of working.