Bikes for Men: the Bike Types and When You Should Ride Them

Biking is a popular activity. Whether it is for a healthy reason or just for having fun, more people, both women and men do it this time. Bikes for men come with various ideas and designs. To know which bikes for men that suitable the most for you, it is better to find out the types of bike available out there.

Types of Bikes for Men

There are many types of bikes for men out there. Knowing them all is important. Having knowledge of bikes for men types makes it possible for you to find the most suitable bikes for yourself. It is essential so you can ride your bikes comfortably. Just take a look at the following list to find out some types of bikes for men.

  1. Road bicycles

They are the type of bikes that are specially designed if you like fast bike riding on smooth pavement and less stable on an unpaved road. They are completed with smooth and skinny tires with low handlebars that suit the most for on-road riding.

2.  Mountain Bikes

Just like the name, these kinds of the bike are designed for mountain rails or the other rough off-road trails. They come with low gear range. It enables mountain bikes to pedal up the steep trails. They also have flat handlebars for better result of riding. Mountain bike is one of the bikes for men that suits for you who love the extreme sport.

3. Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the actually the combination of road and mountain bicycles so they can be ridden on both smooth and rough trails. They come with upright handlebars to give you convenient when riding them.

4.  Cruiser Bikes

They are not much different from the hybrid bikes as both are designed for casual riding. Just like the hybrid, cruiser bikes have large and padded seats for comfortable riding.

What is the Best Time to Ride Bikes for Men?

Though biking is an easy and simple sport, you can’t just do it anytime you like. You have to consider the best time for doing it so you will get maximum benefits from it. So, what is the best time to ride bikes for men? The first time of biking for men is at the lunch break. It is a great idea for busy men. After biking, you can eat your lunch to refresh your energy. The second best time to ride bikes for men is the evening spin. There are many cycling clubs to accommodate busy people. You can join them to have a healthy life and socialize with people at the same time. Another best time to use is at the weekend. It is the right time where you can have spare time for doing exercise after 5 days of working.

How to Make Slime with Shaving Cream with No Borax

How to make slime with shaving cream sounds like a great way of introducing the children to science in a fun way. We can make sure that the kids will love anything which is done in a fun way and they love slime a lot. Slime can be made at home but some parents are worry because of the ingredients used for making the slime. In some recipes, there is borax used for making slime and they do not want to see their kids making contact with dangerous ingredients like borax. There is no need to worry because they can create playful slime with shaving cream. There is no borax needed for this recipe and more importantly, using shaving cream can make the slime looks fluffy. Let’s find out further.


It is true that people can make slime with shaving cream. However, if they ask about how to make slime with shaving cream, they still need other ingredients for making the fluffy slime. People can find various uses of shaving cream for enhancing people’s appearance on, but they will find that the shaving cream can have more functions with kids as well. To make the fluffy slime, people need to prepare a cup of glue and three cups of shaving cream. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing they need because they also need about five tablespoons of contact solution and food colouring according to their liking.


After the needed ingredients are prepared, it is the time for starting the process of making fluffy slime. First of all, they have to put the glue into the bowl with large size. The food colouring can be added to the glue little by little. They just need to stop when they find the colour is suitable to their liking. The shaving cream can be added next. Once they mix them well, people will find the fluffy and very thick mixture. Contact solution will play the role of slime activator. They can add it into the mixture little by little. They must not forget to keep stirring the mixture until they get the consistency of slime. A smaller and smaller amount of contact solution should be added toward the end. It means that the slime of ready and it is the time for allowing the kids enjoying the fun time with the slime. It will be exciting to see them stretch the slime made from how to make slime with shaving cream.

Tips for Shaving with a Straight Razor

Shaving with a straight razor can be chosen by men although nowadays there are various options of tools which can be used for their shaving need. People can find the shaving tool which comes with high technology but still, straight razor becomes the favourite choice for shaving. It can be challenging for shaving using a straight razor but there are some tips which can be applied for making sure that they can get the best result of wet shaving with a straight razor. Here are the tips for shaving using straight razor which comes from the pros.

Right Razor Choice

There is a great mistake which many people make when they choose the shaving razor including the straight razor. They just do not choose the right grind which is suitable to their grind type. There is meaning behind the number of the grind. People will need a blade which is stiffer when they have coarse facial hair. People can use the common blade with the full hollow ground when they want to remove the common beard growth as well as average hair. That is why it is better for people to understand more about the grind to get the best result of shaving with a straight razor.

Variables Reducing

People can find a great help for styling their beard from but people still need to learn more when they are looking for the best result for shaving using the straight razor. In this circumstance, they need to reduce variables when shaving using a straight razor. They try to do various techniques for shaving their beard. It is better for them not to learn all of the shaving techniques at once. They should focus on one technique when shaving. The new skills can be added as they advance. One thing, they need to make sure that their razor is honed professionally for the start.

Strop and Razor Care

If people want to get the best shaving result using the straight razor, there is no question that it is important for caring not only the razor but also the strop. The strop is necessary for keeping the edge of the razor in the tip-top shape. The strop leather needs the caring, not from the paste but the specific area as well as rubbing and also warming using their hands. People need to keep the razor-sharp based on its material and more importantly, they have to keep it dry. This is very important for shaving with a straight razor.

When Did Women Start Shaving Quick History

When did women start shaving? People maybe are wondering about this because there was a time when shaving is kind of guy thing. Men shave for making sure that they have the best appearance by removing the unwanted hair in their body especially their face. Nowadays, people can find many women who also shave although they do not shave their beard. Grooming is no longer the men thing. More and more women make grooming as part of their beauty routine. They will shave some areas in their body.

The areas which are shaved can be varied for one to another person after all. Shaving underarms can be the most common grooming session for women. That is why people can be very curious about the starting point of grooming in women. It cannot be separated from the trend after all. It is better for people to learn further about the quick history of women grooming when they have a big question about when did women start shaving.


Nowadays, people can see that women who are shaving their underarms become a very common thing. It seems like they cannot feel any confidence if they let their underarms bushy. However, people maybe do not realize that shaving underarms are not a kind of activity which is done by women since many years ago. Women did not think that they need to shave their underarms before 1915 approximately. At that time, society thought that speaking about women’s part of the body including underarm was pretty scandalous. It is just because underarms are located near to other body parts which are interesting. The situation became different when the sleeveless dress came. Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine said that for wearing the dress, the objectionable hair must be removed first. Near the early ’20s, women, especially in America, thought that hairy underarms were not stylish at all.


Underarms grooming is not the only grooming routine which can be found nowadays. Once again, the reason why women thought that they needed to shave their legs cannot be separated from the fashion style. Shorter skirts and also sheerer stockings could be found especially during the ’40s. Of course, the need for removing the objectionable hair is improving to more surfaces in the body. It means that the requirement for shaving the legs came around this time. Still asking about when did women start shaving?